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Kosmo is a family-owned and operated, custom wholesale apparel screen printing company with a focus on service and quality. Well, that's a mouthful.  


While it’s our goal and mission to provide the highest quality prints at competitive prices -all backed by impeccable customer service, we are SO much more than just a screen printing company.



With an extensive background in graphic design, marketing and photography -Kosmo can help you even beyond just the printing of your garment. We enjoy working closely with our customers to provide the best product for the job. Many times we can work with your marketing staff to ensure your branding efforts will be maximized.

We like to ask a lot of questions and interact as part of the process. It helps give us more of an understanding of what the short term and long term goals of your project may be and offer our expertise. Plus, we want to get to know you and what else we might be able to help nurture in your world.

Why do we do what we do.  For starters, we love people. Man, that's corny. But, interacting on creative levels makes for a happy life. We are creative people who enjoy working with our hands, minds and spirits. These qualities are the backbone of who we are as people. Actually, that's just a metaphor. We are actually made mostly of water and calcium just like you. 

Our quaint shop is nestled into one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in the world: Fort Collins, CO. Having moved here from the East Coast years ago, Fort Collins has provided a peaceful backdrop to pursue all of life’s adventures. We feel blessed to be part of such a wonderful community.

Community Reach

Inline with our personal values, we wanted Kosmo to be an entity that supports the community in which it survives. As our budget allows and grows, we find and create programs with other businesses that help local folks such as Respite Care, Matthews House, Autism Society, Rotary Club, SuperMoms (Children's Hospital) and more. We typically donate shirts to causes that will help either raise money or garner attention.

If you would like to know if there is something we can offer to help and nurture your community project, please email us: kosmoscreenprinting@gmail.com