We can design for you or simply offer guidance.

With years of experience in graphic design, we are able to take care of almost any graphic need that could arise. From initial concept, coloring, placement, to final output -we have your back. Most designs can be completed within 2-4 days after the initial consult and ok to proceed. We do charge an hourly design rate of $45. Most projects can be completed within 1-3 hours. 

Other tools in our toolbox: we will vectorize your artwork (of most any quality) and will do the color separations necessary for screen printing. We charge a one-time fee, per design, of $20 to prepare your final artwork for screen printing. If further edits are needed for future runs of the same design, an additional $20 fee will apply. 

File types we prefer: psd, pdf, ai, tiff -ALL  300 dpi

Artwork Tips:

  • Remember, the smaller the file, the more difficult finer detail will be to reproduce. MAKE IT LARGE TO BEGIN WITH. For example, for a full front shirt design start with a 13 x 19 inch file in 300 dpi.
  • Some designs look great in multiple colors AND one or two colors. Take some time to look at options. 
  • Choose design colors that will contrast with the shirt or garment color. Keep in mind that color may vary slightly on fabrics.
  • Simple design is easier to understand and often more effective. Think about what the goal of the design will be; the audience.
  • Images created from clip art on the internet are usually bad quality and will produce bad results. It may also be illegal to use those images. Please design with integrity or hire a qualified designer.
  • Crap in, Crap out.
  • Solid colors are generally easier to work with than gradients.  

The easiest way to contact us is via email.  kosmoscreenprinting@gmail.com

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