Do you offer Contract Printing?

As a wholesale screen printing company, we do our best to accommodate our customer’s requests by offering high quality garments with custom printing at reasonable prices. We can typically save all kinds of time, money and hassle by doing it all in-house. 

Sometimes, there is a need to purchase a specific item for a team event, or maybe you are a promotional company offering certain products but need to outsource the printing. This is called Contract Printing – where the customer supplies the garments.



We do handle this type of job differently than when we are able to control the apparel in house through our knowledgable vendors. For instance, we over-order each size of each garment so that if there are any issues during the hand-made, romantic process of screen printing, we can still finish your project within the timeframe needed. We simply return what isn’t used afterwards.

Not all garments are intended for screen printing. Some clothing is treated with specific chemicals that may make the material softer for instance, but also inhibit the curing process, which bonds the ink to the garment. For this reason, we do not offer any guarantees that the job will come out exactly the way you visualize. We will not replace any defective print.

We realize this sounds like a harsh policy, but it’s very difficult to ensure quality standards when we don’t know what has been done to the material before we do what we do to it. As a business, we will lose a lot if we don’t protect what we are truly set up to do.

Here are some of our general requirements / agreements for Contract Printing:

  • Please provide 2 additional garments per size.
  • We do not offer a guarantee on prints for any contract project, only with garments we provide.
  • If shipped directly to us, we are not responsible for the condition of the garments upon arrival. However, we will do what we can to help you should something not be correct.
  • Ask questions about your garment choices before committing to the job. We will do the same.


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