Custom Apparel Printing

You might be interested in a custom t-shirt run of 500 or maybe you have more of a smaller, custom project in the works. We are able to print on just about any fabric: linen, cotton, hemp, burlap, silk, all kinds of poly blends. Just ask!

Typical placements are center front, center back, left or right chest, sleeves, and back of collar. Take a look at our shirt design placement guide for some examples. That being said, we can print anywhere. Seams may produce undesirable effects.

Note: every garment is unique. As with any hand made item, there will be some nuances.

Soft Hand Finish

This refers to the softness of the finished print to the touch. This can vary from shop to shop, depending on the effectiveness of their processes, inks and additives, or the types of fabrics and materials. We strive the softest, most durable and wearable print we can get and will try our best to steer you in that direction. The more wearable the print, the more the shirt will be worn. There are times when a compromise between price, fabric and ink is the best option.

Turnaround Time

The timeline begins when the artwork has been supplied and/or approved, we've received all order details and payment in full.

We can typically get something ready for delivery within 7-10 business days. Some orders may be a little more complicated and the need for additional time may be needed. But we will be sure to communicate that.

Need a quicker turnaround time? RUSH FEES may apply

Let us know what your needs are and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule without any additional rush fees.

Sometimes you just need something in a super hurry. If we are able, we will rearrange our production schedule to accommodate quicker deadlines. Sometimes, an additional RUSH FEE will apply in order to move ahead of existing work, expedited shipping costs, or if we need to incur overtime to produce the project.

We order supplies per job and need time to get them in house. It typically only takes 1-4 days for the garments to arrive, but we'll need to get that ordered asap if you are truly in a rush.

Click here to contact us for more info.

Delivery / Shipping

Local pick up is free.  Shipping fees are not included in the per shirt price.


We have a minimum of 12 shirts for a 1-2 color run of the same design. 3-6 color print minimums start at 50 shirts. 

Please contact us for more info.

Print Sizes

9 times out of 10, you will want a standard garment location. (Check out our Shirt Placement Guide for a visual of these locations.) This also means that while we can do pretty large prints, we will be limited by a few things. Typically, the smallest sized shirt in your order will dictate the overall placement of the design.

Here are some standard print sizes to consider when creating your artwork.

Adult Full Front Print = 11” wide
Adult Full Back Print = 11” wide
Adult Secondary Back Print = 8” wide
Adult Side Print = 10” wide
Left Chest Print = 3.5” wide
T-shirt Sleeve Print = 3” wide
Adult Long Sleeve Print = 2” tall or 8” wide
Youth Full Front Print = 9” wide
Youth Full Back Print = 9” wide
Youth Secondary Back Print = 7” wide
Youth Side Print = 8” wide
Toddler Full Front Print = 6” wide
Infant Full Front Print = 6” wide