Discharge Ink

Discharge is a process of actually stripping the color from the shirt, leaving it's natural color behind. It's more of a dye than an ink as it changes the thread color verses leaving ink on top of the shirt like plastisol. It becomes a part of the shirt, not felt to the touch, and will last as long as the shirt. 
It's also a greener type of process than typical screen printing inks. It's a water -based jnk system and even cleans up with water! 
The natural process of discharge leaves the shirts in an off-white or natural color. We can add color to this process with some amazing results, however. Please ask for more details and w can advise if this will work well with your project.  
There are some drawbacks to this amazing feeling product:
It should be known that some color shirts don't discharge as well as other and are sometimes left with a much different color than intended, or not being able to reach the intended color at all. These are usually in the blue and green colors, but sometimes affects random lots of shirts. 
We can test a shirt before proceeding with your order if it's a concern. We do charge $25 fee for this service. 
Another issue is that it is designed for darker, 100% cotton shirts. This will yield the best results. That being said, we can use discharge on blends but the result will be more of a vintage or old look. It can be very cool for sure, but it's something that you will want to discuss with us before we print. 
Last but certainly not least, there is a strong oder that can be left on the shirt prior to the first washing. There will also be a little rough feeling "crust" type layer on the shirts before washing. After the first wash both the oder and the crust will be gone and you'll be left with a super soft print and shirt that will only get softer as you go. 
If you want us to launder before pick up / shipping, we offer that service for $.50 per shirt.
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