About Fundraising Sites

When you are faced with fundraising for your project, non-profit, school team or club, or church -we understand it can be daunting. We can help by setting up a custom website that is simple to use. We will collect the money, print and ship the garments and then cut you a check for the profit.

What you'll need.

We do need a few things from you that will make the experience more personal and exciting.


We will need design(s) to offer in your webstore. There are tons of design templates, graphics and ideas in our Shirt Designer, lots of great mascot graphics as well. Feel free to go crazy! We are able to offer multiple design options, keep in mind the prices will reflect the garment and print difficulty. The easier the print, the softer the print AND the price will feel. If you need help, just ask! 


In order to help sell the items, a thoughtfully written paragraph hyping the products and explaining what their purchases are supporting is key. Its worth it to spend a few moments collecting a few ideas. 


Having a strict deadline and sales goal represented on the site is a helpful tool. We can display the goals in dollar amounts or in units sold. If you are unsure of pricing, we can suggest appropriate pricing ranges for specific products. The price points will determine the profit per sale, and ultimately how quickly you can achieve your goals. 

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together."