About our Printing Styles and Inks

At Kosmo, we work hard to offer a better standard product than most of our competitors. We feel that you should be able to get a high quality, soft print on a quality shirt that people will want to wear. Our go to is a combination of discharge and soft hand inks in order to get the most preferred results. However, sometimes this won't the best way to print the shirt so we will advise during the quoting process.

Plastisol Ink

This is the most common style of printing. There are definite strengths such as vivid ink colors and high capacity for details. 

Waterbase Ink

Waterbase Ink has a softer feel than plastisol and is also a lot better for the environment. We like to use this as often as we can. 


Discharge Ink acts more like a dye and removes the color from dark shirts. It is virtually unnoticeable and will last the life of the garment. 


Foil can make any shirt pop! Literally, we heat press a sheet of metallic foil onto a sticky ink. It leaves the print breaking down in a cool and vintage way. 


We can add a patch to just about anything! They are all the rage and can take an average garment to a spectacular garment. 

Process and Spot Process

There are two different types of process printing: Process (cmyk) and Spot Process. Both are used to create more of a photorealistic result.