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Waterbase Ink is the sister to Discharge, and it's even greener - better for the environment. So we like using these types of inks, plus they leave the softest prints behind, so everyone wins. 
Waterbase is designed for lighter colored fabrics, and also typically designed for 100% cotton or natural fibers like bamboo or hemp. 
It does not react like discharge by bleaching the color, instead it acts more like conventional inks by sitting on top but blends in with the fabric better. This leaves a super soft print, not quite as soft as discharge, but super-duper close. 
We can mix and match colors and even print on blends as well with some additives. We typically start with these types of inks as our go to. It's always best to ask what would be the best type of ink to use for the project. Some garments are better suited for certain types of inks. 
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