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We specialize in Hats, but can also do many other garment styles such as polos, hoodies, jackets, beanies, bags, scarves, work shirts, etc. 


Embroidery is a very popular decoration option for a more professional or classic look. Most commonly, we do classic baseball style hats and caps, but also produce polos, bags, beanies and more. 

The process of embroidery is a little different than screen printing, using needle and thread to produce artwork on apparel. 

Embroidery is all about the Thread Count. That term is used to define how many stitches are in each design. The higher the thread count the more detailed the design will be. 


While we can get some pretty great detail, not all images can translate to embroidery. For instance, gradients and blends are impossible Block colors and simpler shapes are better for this type of decoration. 


Sometimes we get the question, "Should I do embroidery or screen print _____." There are some things to consider. 

Screen printing is great for flat substrates like t-shirts and hoodies. It is great for high detailed images, gradients, and larger images. It's crisp and clean and soft to the touch. 

Embroidery is limited in detail but great for more of a professional look with simpler designs. Its great for things that are oddly shaped, like hats that are not flat.


Pricing will depend on a few different factors. The complexity of design, number of garments, number of placements and any finishing services will be used in determining the total cost per piece. While we do offer low minimums, pricing will be much higher for 1 custom hat verses 100. 


More complex designs take a lot longer to produce thus will cost more than small simple designs. We use the stitch count to determine the amount of time it take to produce. 


We will make sure to go over all the options when considering your custom embroidery run. It's important to understand the components that will affect pricing and quality. We are confident we can exceed your expectations! 


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